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The Faran Stone is rooted in about 19 years of experience. Constantly evolving, the company has always supported new technology and development in work. Our company, is one of the major exporters of Iranian building stones to all over the world. We supply the best quality marbles, travertines, onyxes and granites from Iran to all our customers at the most competitive prices. Our experience, knowledge and commitment have made us the most reliable supplier in Iran. Our services are include provide and sell blocks, slabs and cut size; provide Mineral; product stone accessories such as stone table, stone plates and ...; logistic and shipping our best agents.


Our Services

Our services are included of:

- Supplying rough block from our quarries or other quarries in Iran

- Producing or supplying slabs and tiles of marble, granite, onyx and travertine

- exporting porcelain tile and slab

- supplying and exporting mineral as talc and chromite

- Logistic

- Shipping

about us

Our services are included of:

about us

we can write somthing here, such as some explanation

about us

we can write somthing here, such as some explanation

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